Stick Figgas

Stick Figgas - Ron Henley

The Stick Figgas were formed on 2001 by four junior high school students who shared the same passion for hip-hop music. The members back then were Loonie, Xplizit, Tuff and part-time member Kannabis. These four aspiring emcees kept themselves busy by making homemade recordings of themselves over looped beats. Then they started performing at schools and opened up for local acts like Apokalipsis and Legit Misfitz at various bars in Malate. They faced major challenges and and a lot of rejection during the early stages of their career. Then after joining a local rap contest held at Sta. Lucia and losing to rap group 9mm, an Eat Bulaga representative took notice of their potential and asked them if they wanted to open up the show’s new rap contest entitled: “Rappublic of the Philippines”. The trio didn’t hesitate and were on national television 3 days after the Sta. Lucia contest. The Stick Figgas went on to make the Grand Finals but lost to rap group Koponan ni Batute. After going home with 5k as their consolation prize, the group decided to quit rap for good and concentrate on their studies instead. A month after the contest, group member Loonie received a text message from FrancisM’s production assistant asking them if they wanted to appear on FrancisM’s upcoming compilations and albums. Thinking it was just a prank from other Rappublic finalists, the Sticks didn’t believe the text message at first. But after verifying the info from an inside contact at the T.A.P.E. office, plans changed and new group member Xquisite was introduced to the Sticks. The Stick Figgas continued their career without Tuff and Kannabis as both had to concentrate on their studies. They began recording professionally at the age of 16. Production for Rappublic of the Philippines started on September 2002. The compilation was released a year after.