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Kamikazee - Jay Contreras


Paranoid City

Paranoid City

Paranoid City started out as a three-piece band, founded in June 2009 after DAX and 8-BIT (a.k.a.: Japo. both members from VALETPARKING) and ERIC STRANGE (of PUMPING PLUTO) decided to form a new band while their respective bands are on hiatus.

Newly-upgraded by 4TRACK (a.k.a.: Rommel of IDENTIKIT/FAULTLINE), the band continues to give you the best Synth Rock experience to blow your brains out.

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Sonic Boom S.U.B

Sonic Boom SUB

Sonic Boom SHOCKWAVE 2013
7 Years Of Making Gigs That Don’t SUCK!

with performances by:

Drifters of Dreamspace
Dragonfly Collector
The ButcherCons
Paranoid City

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Peso Movement

Peso Movement

Peso Movement started out as an extension of Japs Sergio‘s solo project, Japsuki in late 2011. It is the Mr. Hyde to Japsuki’s Dr. Jekyll.  So far, Japs demo recorded 20+ songs for Peso Movement already. The way he see it, the songs are a representation of an idea, and an idea is pretty much no good without the right execution. After a few months of trying to look for bandmates to play these songs live, he truly very grateful & honored to have found the perfect fit for this idea… the “right execution” (…in other words, willing victims). Japs now share a common vision with amazing musicians – Kurt, Brew, & Macky.Despite their combined experiences & achievements as musicians, they are still a new band and therefore, treat every single thing as being back to square one. With the way the music industry, in general, is right now, who knows what will happen next? Nevertheless, they shall do their part by continuing to create/play/enjoy music ‘cos that’s why they’re all here in the first place.


Radio Active Sago Project

Radio Active Sago Project

Radioactive Sago Project is a Filipino jazz rock band formed in 1999 in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The band’s sound is a fusion of spoken-word poetry, bebop jazz, and punk. Subjects in their material range from politics, drugs, alcohol, random musings and current issues.

Fronted by award-winning poet Lourd de Veyra, the band has released three albums. The first, a self-titled album, was released in 2000, followed by Urban Gulaman in 2004 and Tangina Mo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin, released in 2007

Stick Figgas

Stick Figgas - Ron Henley

The Stick Figgas were formed on 2001 by four junior high school students who shared the same passion for hip-hop music. The members back then were Loonie, Xplizit, Tuff and part-time member Kannabis. These four aspiring emcees kept themselves busy by making homemade recordings of themselves over looped beats. Then they started performing at schools and opened up for local acts like Apokalipsis and Legit Misfitz at various bars in Malate. They faced major challenges and and a lot of rejection during the early stages of their career. Then after joining a local rap contest held at Sta. Lucia and losing to rap group 9mm, an Eat Bulaga representative took notice of their potential and asked them if they wanted to open up the show’s new rap contest entitled: “Rappublic of the Philippines”. The trio didn’t hesitate and were on national television 3 days after the Sta. Lucia contest. The Stick Figgas went on to make the Grand Finals but lost to rap group Koponan ni Batute. After going home with 5k as their consolation prize, the group decided to quit rap for good and concentrate on their studies instead. A month after the contest, group member Loonie received a text message from FrancisM’s production assistant asking them if they wanted to appear on FrancisM’s upcoming compilations and albums. Thinking it was just a prank from other Rappublic finalists, the Sticks didn’t believe the text message at first. But after verifying the info from an inside contact at the T.A.P.E. office, plans changed and new group member Xquisite was introduced to the Sticks. The Stick Figgas continued their career without Tuff and Kannabis as both had to concentrate on their studies. They began recording professionally at the age of 16. Production for Rappublic of the Philippines started on September 2002. The compilation was released a year after.

Join The Club

Join The Club

Join The Club is a Philippines based band known for such songs as “Nobela” and “Lunes.” The band is led by guitarist and vocalist Christian “Biboy” Renia. Other members include Michael “Migs” Mendoza (guitar, vocals, keyboards), bassist Norman “Congie” Lulu, and drummer Brian Lotho (who is originally from the band Dhruva Tara). Original drummer Louie Dela Cruz was first replaced by Paolo Santiago who went on to join Hale, followed by Kjwan, and is currently a member of a band called Bakeshop.

Turbo Goth

Sarah Gaugler | Paolo Peralta | Turbo Goth

Turbo Goth is an electronic rock duo from the Philippines formed in 2008. Composed of Sarah Gaugler (on lead vocals) and Paolo Peralta (on guitar/electronic sampler), they are currently the only electronic rock band in the Philippines. Turbo Goth’s music is semi-experimental electronic music with distorted bass synths backed by aggressive heavy beats, and punk-jazz noise guitars, stitched together by light icy vocals.



Raymond Abracosa, better known as Abra, is a Filipino hip hop artist. He gained popularity in his song “Gayuma” (“Potion”). The music video for the song shows Abra being given a potion only to realize that his love interest is in fact gay. The video has reached more than 23 million views on YouTube, the highest number generated by any local artist.

His career started as a member of Pinoy hip hop group Lyrically Deranged Poets (LDP) in 2010. They released their independent debut album, The Project in 2009, and had their first major concert at the legendary Music Museum in 2010. LDP was awarded Best Urban Group at both the 2010 and 2011 Urban Music Awards, among other nominations. In 2011, LDP was granted TV air time on myx for the music video of their song, “Here to Own It”, which was able to enter the charts. He is also a major icon in the Fliptop battle league, as well as a co-host on PTV 4’s show iConnect.

When the Fliptop and Sunugan rap battle leagues came about in 2010, Abra was one of the first battle emcees to compete and gradually make a name for himself. After a couple of intense rap battles, Abra has been considered as one of the heavyweights in Filipino rap battling. Using his compelling lyrical style coupled with witty antics, he is able to impress viewers and artists alike; and has YouTube videos that have amassed millions of views. It did not take long until Abra was able to perform on live television, radio shows and various events across the country.