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STERAC: Different Strokes

Steve Rachmad by Krijn van Noordwijk

Steve Rachmad by Krijn van Noordwijk

Having both been on the scene for over twenty years, Mote Evolver‘s founder Luke Slater and Dutch producer Steve Rachmad are considered veterans of the techno scene – both outlasting the genre’s various dips and flourishes in popularity. This considered, Rachmad’s debut on Mote Evolver seems all the more highly anticipated. Operating under his STERAC guise, Rachmad’s inaugural contribution to the label comes in the form of four hypnotic, rolling drum-machine experiments.

Rachmad’s formula across the EP is a spartan, uncluttered one. Even the track titles (Stroke 1 – 4) suggest he has taken some pains not to complicate proceedings unnecessarily, instead letting the music stand for itself. In the wrong hands the use of Roland 808’s can feel like a tired cliché when it comes to techno, yet Rachmad’s manipulation of the tool is nothing short of masterful. There is a buoyancy to his thudding rhythms, filtered hats shuffling effortlessly above raw 4/4 pulses. This trait is defined right from the offset – ‘Stroke 1’ marching forward steady and resolute. As with the rest of the release, the track has an abstract quality to it – the elements are processed heavily; filters and stereo-delays a common feature.

Steve Rachmad by Gijs Weensma

Steve Rachmad by Gijs Weensma

Across ‘Stroke 2’ even the synths used feel hazy and out of focus, jutting forward between Rachmad’s stuttered rhythms. This and ‘Stroke 3’ both have a celestial space-age feel, like a satellite being gracefully travelling across the orbit. The EPs closer on the other hand, ‘Stroke 4’, is incontestably rooted to the dancefloor. Devoid of melody, the track is a frantic percussive workout, jagged claps and ticks jutting out between Rachmad’s booming low-end.

As a whole, the EP maintains a perfect balance between holding a consistent theme, whilst still offering plenty of twists and turns along the trip. It is perhaps little wonder Rachmad’s STERAC project has been garnering much acclaim in recent years – this EP in particular revealing a focus and clarity that only comes with years of experience.

Sellah ▽


Sellah is a solo artist pushing the boundaries of electro, hip hop, techno and many other genres mixed into one. Born in San Bernadino, California, Sellah was brought into this world by his parents Whitney Patrick and Teresa McCloud. His nationality hails from a unique mixture of: Scottish, West Indian, Native American and African American backgrounds. His early life was spent with his high profiled government family traveling the world. After spending two years in America for University, he then proceeded playing professional basketball in Hawaii. Sellah decided to change directions. Transitioning from the sport’s world into the fashion and entertainment industries, where he has now worked in for the past seven years. Besides being known as Sellah, he is also the Chairman/Owner of new online magazine called IMMO.

Sellah has spent many years doing photography and commercial modeling internationally in Asia, London and South Africa. In 2009, he was the first black male model to ever work in Shanghai, China. While in China he booked jobs such as, GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren and Le Coq Sportif. During his stay in South Africa, he has booked local and international jobs, such as; Fanta, NIKE, Reebok, Duracell Batteries, Glamour Magazine, GQ Magazine, Mens Health, Cosmo Magazine, TUSH Magazine, Truworths, Woolworths, Markham, Edgars, Jet Club, and various other publications. Under his core companies, high profiled celebrities such as; Alicia Keys, Nina Sky, Bradley Soileau, Porcelain Black, Coco and Breezy and a few others have already collaborated with his on going collectives. Sellah is certainly on his way to becoming an iconic image in our world today.


Album: New Era 777
Video filmed by: Louis Rose
Photo by: Kevin Ohana from Paris, France