8 Years of Fachwerk Album feat Mike Dehnert, Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau

8 Years of Fachwerk Album feat Mike Dehnert, Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau

Fachwerk, established in Berlin in 2007 By Mike Dehnert, will be celebrating their 8th year this September with an album showcasing the cohesiveness of their sound and artists. In the past years, Sascha Rydell, Roman Lindau and Mike Dehnert himself have called the label home, hosting frequent nights at Berghain among other venues with the whole crew. With the minor exception of a couple releases the label catalog almost uniquely features the German trio.

For this special series, the three have come together once more, with the last time being three years ago, to each contribute their perspective on this anniversary piece as they travel through various emotions that capture the uplifting energy of the label.

The story is told as a narrative opening with a prologue from an alluring French female which slips gently into a punchy bass and cheerful rifts. The plot continues to unfold with dub-like chords that nurture serene atmospheres, which glide between bouncy beats and darker intriguing synths. The camaraderie is evident as the story progresses through a series of interludes embracing the banter of daily life running a label.

The sheer ability for Dehnert, Lindau and Rydell to intermingle and rest so consistent has them fooling any ear into thinking this compilation is a solo album. This is not an easy task for many labels, yet they are able to embody the essence of what the label has achieved in the past 8 years as well as what is still to come.

Fachwerk also announces a “8 Years Fachwerk” tour, firstly in Europe, and here are the first dates and locations confirmed:

  • 10/06 Boiler Room, Berlin
  • 27/06 Concrete, Paris
  • 04/07 Skala, Bielefeld
  • 17/07 Culture Box, Copenhagen pt1
  • 31/07 Transition, Italy
  • 05/09 Berghain, Berlin
  • 06/11 Het Transportbedrijf, Rotterdam
  • 20/11 Culture Box, Copenhagen pt2

8 Years of Fachwerk Album feat Mike Dehnert, Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau

Mike Dehnert

Since 2007, Berlin native Mike Dehnert has run raw techno label Fachwerk,MD2 and a more house oriented subdivision calling Colomabge . The imprint’s mission is simple: to release their own take on raw, floor techno. And so they have done, on 36 different occasions, earning both the label and the artists behind it the respect of in- the-know, serious techno fans the world over.Dehnert’s own productions (often informed by his grubby, dub infused and textured live techno sets at institution like Berghain) have also been unleashed on the world via other respected imprints including Clone Records, Echochord Colour and Deeply Rooted House, Delsin.

Roman Lindau

Roman Lindau has been a main stay of the Berlin techno scene for many years, based in the home of European techno; he has become a regular on the circuit with his solo performances, and as part of the Fachwerk stable alongside Mike Dehnert and Sascha Rydell, performing at many of the label showcases across Europe. Roman’s DJ sets move seamlessly between the hard edged techno sound of Fachwerk to raw house sounds, these are the sets that he has become synonymous for, and which have taken him around Europe and further a field over the past decade.

Sascha Rydell

Sascha Rydell is one third of the Fachwerk triumvirate that is leading the way in stripped, funky, dancefloor focussed techno. The Berlin-based label Fachwerk continually breaks the mold and sets new standards in the world of high-end dub- techno and reductionist club music. He has an ear for an unfamiliar hook, ability to craft a devastating bassline and most inviting groove. Sascha, like Fachwerk, has never strayed from the addictive and highly effective sound philosophy: Groove is Central, Bass is Life, Texture and Detail are essential. The result is a stunning catalogue of truly underground club and experiment music, that has seen Sascha Rydell also become a world renowned producer and DJ.

Krake Festival 2015

Krake Festival 2015

a week of daring music.
presented by Killekill
supported by: Musicboard Berlin, Crack Magazine, Resident Advisor, Groove Magazin and Bln.fm

Summer 2015. The Kraken will rise again, bringing up a full week of great electronic music straight from the depths of the Berlin and international underground, leaving behind all small minds and fraidy cats.

The over-all set up will be the same as last year: A week starting with an arty night on Monday, the classic Wednesday night at Berghain Kantine, a bomb night of modern techno on Friday at Suicide Circus, and the peak of the festival on the last day, where we combine the areal of Urban Spree with that of Suicide Circus to offer a massive festival place, to wander around between six floors full with music and arts.

But what’s new this year?

Music wise we have forged ahead into unknown depths again and compiled what we consider cutting edge: Untold, Cassegrain & Tin Man, Eomac, Sendai or Power Vacuum’s Bintus are names which should give you an idea of what we are talking about here… Putting together a kick-ass line up is not enough for us though, and so we have stretched out our tentacles even further and pulled together all sorts of micro scenes to let them fertilize each other and make this week an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. May it be like minded Berlin networks such as the Sameheads or Robot Army crews which both will run floors on the final mayhem on Saturday, or the vivid body art and performance scene which we present on the Wednesday night at Berghain Kantine. Highlight in this concern will be the label boutique on Tuesday, where we have selected the finest labels of the Berlin underground to present themselves during daytime, sell their stuff and discuss big questions of modern times.

To round the whole thing off, we have set up an exhibition of music-related and interdisciplinary art featuring Robert Henke’s laser installation “Destructive Observation Field” and Sonic Robots’ “MR-808 Interactive”, a robotic 808 the size of your wardrobe, which will be accessible at Urban Spree all week.

We emphasize our claim to be more than just another music festival. Come on down with us!

The Krake Team

Recap of last year’s festival:

STERAC: Different Strokes

Steve Rachmad by Krijn van Noordwijk

Steve Rachmad by Krijn van Noordwijk

Having both been on the scene for over twenty years, Mote Evolver‘s founder Luke Slater and Dutch producer Steve Rachmad are considered veterans of the techno scene – both outlasting the genre’s various dips and flourishes in popularity. This considered, Rachmad’s debut on Mote Evolver seems all the more highly anticipated. Operating under his STERAC guise, Rachmad’s inaugural contribution to the label comes in the form of four hypnotic, rolling drum-machine experiments.

Rachmad’s formula across the EP is a spartan, uncluttered one. Even the track titles (Stroke 1 – 4) suggest he has taken some pains not to complicate proceedings unnecessarily, instead letting the music stand for itself. In the wrong hands the use of Roland 808’s can feel like a tired cliché when it comes to techno, yet Rachmad’s manipulation of the tool is nothing short of masterful. There is a buoyancy to his thudding rhythms, filtered hats shuffling effortlessly above raw 4/4 pulses. This trait is defined right from the offset – ‘Stroke 1’ marching forward steady and resolute. As with the rest of the release, the track has an abstract quality to it – the elements are processed heavily; filters and stereo-delays a common feature.

Steve Rachmad by Gijs Weensma

Steve Rachmad by Gijs Weensma

Across ‘Stroke 2’ even the synths used feel hazy and out of focus, jutting forward between Rachmad’s stuttered rhythms. This and ‘Stroke 3’ both have a celestial space-age feel, like a satellite being gracefully travelling across the orbit. The EPs closer on the other hand, ‘Stroke 4’, is incontestably rooted to the dancefloor. Devoid of melody, the track is a frantic percussive workout, jagged claps and ticks jutting out between Rachmad’s booming low-end.

As a whole, the EP maintains a perfect balance between holding a consistent theme, whilst still offering plenty of twists and turns along the trip. It is perhaps little wonder Rachmad’s STERAC project has been garnering much acclaim in recent years – this EP in particular revealing a focus and clarity that only comes with years of experience.


Kamikazee - Jay Contreras


Doreen Rosell

Doreen Rosell